Coffee with Jesus…



Hello friend…

Last evening, you had asked me for coffee…. !!! I’m here.

God: Yeah…come on.have a seat.

Me : So how’s your day been today? Is it Good ?

God: Let’s talk about the questions I have for you..won’t that be great ?

Me : Hmm..Go on .

God : What is your biggest fear ? I know, you tend to avoid them but …

Me: yeah..but what it has to do with me? I mean I suppose, we are here to discuss few things about me, you and our lives…!!! Isn’t that?

God: (Silently waiting for me answer)

Me: The biggest fear I have in my life is to loose people from my life. Especially the loved ones..may be my parents. I know they are going to be there for three fourth of my life but I constantly worry about loosing them…I know,someday its gonna happen. I’m ready to face everything in my life but not this one.

God: So would that be first of your wishes if in case I offer you one complete ?

Me: Not really…we aren’t here for that. I don’t want anything from you.We will just talk.

God: hmm…Something you wanna say about me? Any complains? Opinions?

Me: I love the way you have been maintaining this world..I’m no one to judge you but I like it. The way you have created the bad , good things in nature..the way you kill people, the way your blessings are…its awesome. What I like the most is the ability you have given us to drive ourselves and the way you don’t at all interfere in our lives…

I go angry on you sometimes when these seasons change, earthquakes kill but then somewhere I know , its us who are responsible for that and not you. But you know, you are the only who is pure in this. I don’t trust people.

God: Yah, I know…I know. Every of my devotee says the same words…you not the only.By the way, I didn’t see you excited about seeing me for the first time in real ? Did you imagine !!! You are with me here, having a cup of coffee !!!

Me: Not really !!! Because whether I see you or not  doesn’t matter to me…We have been friends.

You know, I won’t go to temples and donating something for you isn’t as important as feeding your children on earth..the one I meet at traffic signal near university every day …I really don’t understand why do you do this with them…Don’t you see that they can’t even afford a blanket to sleep ??? What do you do with all this donation from people?

God: hey, cool down..Let me answer you questions one by one…first of all its not my responsibility to write your luck. People have this concept of luck and all to hide their inabilities. Those beggars are responsible for their own life state. I haven’t tagged anything with them.

For me…every living thing on earth is same. I have got these standard assets you see at your back..right there .I just copy the skeleton, put a different mask and send it to the womb of one of the mothers on earth.’Mothers’ the best of my creations..

And about you ? I never said its wrong not to go to temple. I don’t have any concerns about you not coming to temples and donating there. I don’t need donations. Its your concept ..not mine.

Me: Would you mind talking about my future?

God: Yeah..its gonna be bad if you keep expecting something from me…Your life is in complete control of yours..I don’t touch it at all. I have got lot other stuffs to do. I can’t listen to everyone. Better to fight on your own and get what you want.

Me: hmm..I have been doing that ..I was just asking.

God: Hmm..Thats fine .. So you would be telling people about this ? I mean about our meeting?

Me: Hmm..I would prefer writing an article on it.You want to convey something via my article? I know , you can’t come down to earth and talk easily with us as we do talk with you …So…

God: hmm…Actually I have got couple of things to tell but I know, you wont write big articles so you convey people to be stop building those expensive temples for me and stop doing these silly things of believing on luck and all those fake things…

You are what you if you want to be best best ..No matter what you ask me to do ,I’m not at all going to do anything for you. Its none of my business. Be best in the community and take care of your nature. That all I want…

Me: hmm…okay ..sure !!!

God: SO you have something to wish before we leave?

Me: ha..ha…No..I don’t wan’t anything from you..You have been there for me and everyone on this earth. People think you did some bad things wrong with them but I know, thats because you want them to be strong …

I would just like to hug you once..that would be the best for me…and yah ..thanks for your time .

God: ( Simply smiles)

Me: So ..are you gonna drop me back?

God:Yes..Ill be..Close your eyes for a minute!!!

Me: hmm..just a minute..let me confirm if I have taken everything I had brought here.( closed eyes)

Mom : Mukesh??? Mukesh?? Mukesh?  hey …are you okay ? Whats wrong with you???

Me: ( Gets up) ..aaaah..I’m okay !!! I just had a coffee with my God. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Coffee with Jesus…

  1. Hi mukesh. I read your article. Excellent>>>> Cannot say anything more. Will discuss in person next time we meet. Keep up the good work.

    Amit (DOES)


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