How our brain tweaks few things in life…



Sometimes, I’m so busy with my work, my teammates come to their desk, I see them from the corner of my eye but don’t really want to get disturbed with my work so I neglect it. But their dress color, and may be one of their habits tell me about who that person is. I mean which team member is he/she…but as he/she starts sweeping the desk, I doubt and come to know that I’m wrong, although their dress colors are same, he/she is a sweeper and not the team member.

Sometimes, in spite of having same ringtone for every of my roommates phones ( because we all own Moto G’s) , we still recognize whose phone is ringing in the hall…because I know, my mom doesn’t call me in the noon but his mom does…but then after the call becomes  missed call, I doubt and check my phone and was a call to me from my father.

Sometimes, I’m thinking of something while walking somewhere and in a crowed, I go ahead and suddenly look back to a person because he has got that exact walking style as my friend and my brain processed it little late…but then come to know, he isn’t my friend.I just thought so because he had almost identical walking style as my friend…

Why am I saying this ?

As I said, my brain notices these things…The last thing among the three’s, happens lot of times with me…in fact it happened in last evening and for the whole of my dinner I was thinking about the reason behind we predicting wrong sometimes? What could be the reason behind we going wrong ..I don’t mean going wrong with big things in life, I mean going wrong with little things that we generally neglect.

Something like ‘I thought it was him but he wasn’t..’,’I was texting while walking and crashed onto the glass door because I thought the door is open’.

I think our brain although has got this enormous capability, it still discards few things…

May be thats why we don’t realize the world around when we are thinking deep about something.

But yet in order to not let you know about the lag in processing, it does a crazy thing…


I think our brain doesn’t get involved in processing everything to its root, it just assumes few things or approximates them. May be that why , ‘The transparent glass door tweaks my busy, lazy brain to assume that there’s nothing in front and I crash onto the door because my brain thinks that texting on the phone is more important than having a look in front…’

Have you ever noticed the blurred calculations happening at the back of your brain while you walk and text to someone on your phone…? You can literally feel the calculations going on about where to put your next step. Your eyes constantly flip between your phone and the earth below your foot …If you notice more deep, you will be able to see your brain doing the stuff of averaging the process of putting your next step. You literally assume that its a rock in front ( although sometimes its not, its a dirty cloth thrown on the road) or its okay to go ahead next step and continue walking…You should experience that…

It turns out that our brain does such approximations for everything that is less important and its okay and it works 90% of the times …Our brain does this great job of approximation …with it, it doesn’t need to really do lot of that background stuff and finally understand the things that don’t really matter in the current context..

Good job buddy !!!

I love catching my brain doing that …




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