Birth..Death..and Reality


try…catch blocks of life? What do I mean by that?

we programmers don’t want our program to fail for some anonymous reason at run-time…we make out program to proceed with “try…catch” blocks. We write expected code in try and alternate solution in catch.

I was just coding something and realized …Is it what our life is ???

Everyone is good at pointing their mistakes or inabilities onto others.We force the situation of our failure with those exceptions we give? Our life passes through bunch of such exceptions everyday…

But you know, after all a good program is the one that executes less of such catch blocks and tries to let everything pass through try.

Do we execute catch in life more than the try ones? Is it because those are simple to execute? Do you think you solve the problems with catch? no..

You just fool yourself to believe it…Others? They don’t really care about what’s going on in your life.Its yours…You, your problems, your death ..doesn’t matter to anyone. You have to run it on your own.

I personally don’t like to back up with problems. I either try hard..till I do it…and about the things i don’t like? I don’t try at all. I don’t like the floating state in between these two where people blame others for something they can’t do.I hate it.

Don’t misguide your life with catches..those exceptions. It seems like a program of your life is going well with those exceptions..but just avoiding problems doesn’t solve them, They are going to be there again…

after all , those try and catches are introduced just to let you not loose you, your respect with your failures. You have to deal with them anyways. Although both happiness and problems look different , they re there to encourage make you strong to fight with situations.

Always remember, although both are meant  to be there, result from try and catch are not the same. The catch version is always an alternative solution. it doesn’t help every time.

Learn to accept the reality…you are no one before your birth and your death doesn’t matter to anyone. yeah, people , the close ones cry for a doesn’t really has to do anything with your failures. What maters is this reality period of (birth) to (death -1) days you live with…

You pass or fail with situations,..either way, it affects you. choice is yours.Why not to try hard to let it pass through try block???





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