Beautiful Illusion…



Everyday I come back to university after my work hours, I had to get my bus from one of the stops.

I board the bus, get down near university, walk a bit of distance to other stop, board again and get down right in front of university. A place where I studied…

The walk between those two stops has been interesting for me as I have this habit of constant thinking(rather constant overthinking) about something and entertaining myself.

Everyday during that interval, the stop has lot of crowd waiting for the city bus to come. Everyone just looks at the road hoping for the bus to come soon…They remain so steady…ha..ha

And then I come from the front looking at them…They all seem to be looking at me.As if they are there to welcome me…not only for me but that illusion would be true for everyone that comes to that stop.

I just imagine them welcoming me…and I smile inside everyday.The illusion looks so real as few of them actually look at me too…ha..ha.

And then once I reach, I also get involved in the crowd…looks like I do get involved to welcome others coming after me.

I know, its crazy but yet I enjoy it…

Imaginations sometimes go so much deep …but yah, I do enjoy it everyday , that cute but fake illusion…

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