Beautiful relation


Sometimes I just go on thinking about the people that come in my life…We don’t really know how we do matter for them but they teach us a lot with their presence in our life. They come, they live with you , enjoy the days …

Sometimes you don’t need to be the closest to them. Just their even presence matters to you.

Eventually the hardest part is to see them closing their chapter in  your life. You get used to it..Sometimes they go out so silently that you don’t even realize that they are out of your life…

And about those,who go in front of you , you know they can’t be there for the whole of your life but your mind doesn’t accept it and on the other hand, you do know that there is no other option for them to leave you and you enter into this floating situation where you don’t really know what to do for that…

You don’t want to cry because you have been teaching them not to do so and be strong …The relation with them is so pure that finally you make you mind to let them go ..You make yourself to  feel no regret about that by wishing best wishes for their future. After all all you want for them is to see them happy.

They come in your life for some time, they teach you to enjoy being with them…

When they go … the only thought your mind processes is thinking of your beautiful days with them…Your mind does process ‘He/She is not going to come back again ‘ in between and you really go mad thinking of it and yet this juggling doesn’t scare us because it hurts in a way that has both their beautiful moments and sadness involved…

Their relation with you doesn’t need to be boyfriend-girlfriends …You accept them as they are. They are your best friends, sometimes they are your brothers/sisters or sometimes those people are so valuable to you that in spite of having just a little difference between your age, you just wish if he/she would be your son/daughter…You don’t want anything from them other than their presence in your life…Eventually you realize that they aren’t meant to be always there for you and this thing hurts you a lot before few days when they leave…

You start preparing your mind for their closing of chapter by having 3 things for them .

You gift them something that you know they like a lot. You want to have it because you want to see them happy ahead.

You gift them something that you like…You want to have it because you want them to always remember you.

and you have something for them ..something that you have been sharing always. May be a chocolate…You want them to have it because it keeps those days alive between your relation.

The only wish you could have is to see them happy ahead and being in contact somehow…

The only wish you could do at times is to take promise from them to be in your contact forever…The brilliant way to teach yourselves to go ahead without them.


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