What if our Bikes become twice as fuel efficient…


Now I don’t mean this is true..its just what I though yesterday while I was travelling…

Have you ever noticed how we used to roll the bicycle’s Tyre after setting it on stand ?

We used to roll it till it gets sufficient speed and after then to increase its speed, we used to jerk it in sync with its speed. The reason we used to do is that instant jerk to the wheel applies vast amount of force for very less time.

As the jerk is roughly in sync with the speed of the wheel, you won’t notice it getting applied.I mean it has no other effects like a jerk getting transferred to the bicycles body or any other part etc.

On the other hand , if somehow you miss the sync order, that jerk could be equally disturbing your balance on bicycle leading you to fell down badly.

Two children were doing this in front of me and I thought…”What if our bikes do this ?”

What I mean by that is “what if we use the constant force from the engine just to get it going and in the rest of the journey, engines just goes on giving jerks?”( of course in sync with current speed ).

As the sensors today can measure the speed so accurately, giving the jerk in sync wont be a difficult task. A bike will decide this based on speed. Once it crosses specific speed, it will use the jerk mechanism as its okay to keep the bike going.

The strength of the jerk will depend on which gear the bike is in and yet at any time you could revert the process to gain the control and make it normal.

I know this won’t be applicable everywhere but we people don’t ride our bikes a lot other than riding in the city and the speed is no more than 10-30 km/s in traffic and 40-70 km/s on highways.

I think this mechanism could at least make our bikes to become twice as fuel efficient.

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