We don’t need to Automate everything



I travel everyday from my living place, ‘Old Sangvi, Pune’ to my work place at ‘Banner ‘ in a six sitter rickshaw.

Two people in the front except the driver, and 8 at the back ( I don’t understand why its still called 6 sitter).

As its raining days here in Pune, it was raining , I was in the front of the rickshaw and a situation made me to think of this article…

The driver had a great trick done with his rickshaws rain wipers. The central axis around which the wiper moves was taken back inside the rickshaw ,in front of the driver and was turned to ‘L’ shape and the default adjustment with motors and wiring was taken out.

Now the ‘L’ became the handle for driver. Whenever he has to wipe the glass, he used to pull it tight and move it exactly same as the default adjustment does.

As I was already observing his duty,  I liked the way he did that. The adjustment looked to be done purposefully so i asked him about it. He said,” You don’t need to automate everything”. Its okay to save energy with this. We can work a bit more to do that .

Now this thing  may raise another quick thought in your mind…

“What if he can’t concentrate properly on driving due to that manual work ?” or “What if he don’t wipe it frequently?” right?

Thats what I thought too and I observed that the pulley mechanism done with the ‘L’ shaped handle goes directly near to one of the passengers in front. So now rather than just sitting besides, he can pull that mechanism with ease and control the things.

Wooo…that was awesome. I literally smiled after having a look at the arrangement he had.

For the whole of my ride, I just went on thinking “Do we really need automation in everything?”. Yah I understand that having such system in our cars won’t look good but car manufacturers may try sophisticating it !!!

These tiny little automation’s that otherwise could be done manually may save lot of energy for future.



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