Hope is everything…



No one knows whats going to happen next…not on  the next day but not even a next second.We still set our alarm and expect to get up safe tomorrow…Thats what a hope is !

Its the property that every living creature on earth has got.Saying it a property won’t really define it best..it should be called as gods trick to let everyone live with peace…

Because thats what keeps us alive. people loose their families under the earthquakes, people beg along roadside, people get raped, people met with an accident, people loose their loved ones…Its the ‘Hope’, ‘the little encouragement to get us back up’ is what keeps us alive..makes us accept everything that happens in our lives.

‘Hope’ isn’t a magic, its the positiveness of our mind to prepare our brain and whole body to get ready for the next…

How Hope works ?

Lets think for a minute about the worst thing that could happen with you ? What do you think it could be? You will loose everyone ? you will loose all your property? Or at most you will die !!! One day everyone has to die…Do you think all the things happen with you are worse than dying? No..

We have all control over what happens in our life. Those who call it ‘Luck’ are complete fools and are the ones who don’t have courage to fight with the situations and they surrender it saying ,”I had no luck”. I hate such persons.

Its your nature, your positiveness about everything, your decisions ( doesn’t need to be the big decisions, little ones cause a big difference) , your affection towards life that matters. Thats what keeps you energized to live and enjoy it.

Did you see those beggars along the road? They don’t even know which disease will kill  them, they don’t know whether they will have food in the evening…If they can still keep a hope to live, we aren’t in as bad situation as them ?

Yet, we suicide after getting less marks in exams, we suicide due to personal problems? Why can’t we think of our life? Why do we surrender so early ? Your absence matters to the people and it affects you. No one else other than you cares about you.

You will say, you won’t understand the situation I’m in and the things happening in my life and blah blah blah…I accept. Do you think those are worth dying? worth surrendering ?  No …You will fail, people will say you something, your children/wife will cry, you wont have anything with you, you won’t have money…How much worse can happen?

You need just a water to drink a floor to sleep ( doesn’t needs to be your own even).  You can go this much bad…not more than that ..right? I’m sure, we don’t go in so bad…Why can’t we keep a hope that ‘everything will be fine afterwards !!!’.

You should learn to accept that you can’t expect everything to happen best and as per your wish in your life, things are going to go bad , you have to be ready and get back up…

Everything on earth has solution. It may take a long but everything has solution and for sure its worth than loosing early and surrendering yourself calling it a Luck..I don’t believe that..If you sit on a bed and expect everything to go right? It won’t …Luck has no role in your life…

Even beggars now a days won’t like to beg, I have seen lot of them selling something and getting money…Don’t feel bad to buy one even when you wont need it. Don’t buy it for yourself but you can buy it for them !!! To keep their hopes alive !!!



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