Why every person on earth is different



I’ve always been curious about how our brain works and I always go on observing people and their reaction, emotions etc…I observe babies, I observe people, I observe everyone trying to find out how our brain would be taking the decisions we take…

When I used to be in hostel during my Masters, one of my roommates (who doesn’t talk to me much now a days) used to hear his favorite song lot of times in a day. By default, we used to listen and natter the lyrics…

Yesterday when i was reading a bit on my bed, I heard the same song being played by my neighbor and unknowingly I started  nattering it too…I went on thinking of those days, I went on thinking of my friend and suddenly, this thought came to my mind…

The thought was …” Is this why every man on earth is different ? ”

Now this context doesn’t make sense but yeah..below what I feel…

I don’t think every man on the earth is born different. God just copies the standard configuration, sets the different mask and sends it in the womb of a some mother on earth.

The things that happen to us, the environment around, the people we live with, the friends we have, the way we get nurtured, may be the things we eat…Thats what shapes our own world.

The process starts right from our birth till our last moment on earth…

Just think for a minute..every single thing in your life has some reason behind why it is that way. Your nature, your attitude, your ego, your brilliance, your abilities, your likes/dislikes, your habits…everything.

May be thats why if parents fail to take care of their child, that child develops bad habits and doesn’t study and doesn’t behave good .

Or may be thats why a child automatically learns their own language without any problems.

May be thats why there’s this story of a character in “Jungle man”, although is human but  gets developed like an animal.

The surroundings and the people we live with and the situations in life shape you to what you are today.Otherwise everyone is same.

It turns out that this applies to everything on earth..

May be thats why the research shows that a trees do love listening music and they respond to it positively…

Think of your past for a while…


2 thoughts on “Why every person on earth is different

  1. I agree that our surroundings and nurture shape us. But I disagree with the notion that every person is not different from birth. Two people who have been in the same environment since birth might have different natures…different outlooks to life.
    Taking your example : if parents fail to take care of their children, one child might develop bad habits and the other might learn from their mistakes and lead a better life. Their environment is the same…what is different is their core.


    1. Yeah, I kind of agree with this Purvi, but again if you see, this correction happens when they grow up, when they come in contact with society and that’s where they learn …Everyone is blank slate at birth. Isn’t it ?


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