Situations aren’t bad always…


situations_aren't bad always_peopleandthoughts


“Situations aren’t bad always”… sometimes the view of looking at situation makes the difference…

We take the important decisions in our life…we regret for worse  situations…Lot of times in our lives, we tend to show how the situation was wrong at wrong place and how it became the cause for your failure…

Does the situation really matter? or its just our view to look at it that decides it ?

I mean I don’t understand how could a Garbage be so irritating for a normal person and how beggars can find something to eat there ???

It looks like “Yah, thats how situations matter” but its not..Your view towards that things matters. Because, “Something used by someone else and thrown because its no more useful” is what the image of ‘Garbage’ in your mind is ( By no way I mean having that thinking is bad ). Its not that beggars can’t smell bad…Its the view towards the situation that matters.

Your view towards Garbage is so negative that No matter how bad your life goes, you wont ever go into that garbage to find something to eat…You wont go because of the word ‘Garbage’ and your view about it…

They say, “Glass is half filled with water” or “they say glass is half empty”, some may go ahead and say, “Yeah ! its at least filled with water”and some genius might say,”Oh no !!! its filled with water ? Not interesting”.

Water and the glass is same, yet among these people above , one will drink it and the other won’t. This is possible because their views are different …not the situation.

The crying baby makes us angry  but when we come to know that that baby is crying because he/she wants to meet his/her mom who has died a week before makes us to think on it.

A minute before we go angry with that baby but a minute later we think on it? How could situation be responsible for our decisions ? Its the view of looking at the situation that matters…

If we think of the situation in all angles, rather than getting angry on that baby, we would have thought of possible reasons behind that babies cry and wouldn’t have taken such a quick decision to angry with it…

We take decisions so quickly…If situations would have mattered, they would have resulted in same decisions by everyone…Its our view, our nature that comes in and makes us to think different…That’s how Newton would have taken the falling of Apple positively…




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