What defines us?




Do you like to be alone ? or you love surrounded by people you love ? How do people treat you ?

I’m not talking about those crazy friends who can’t see you alone, they fight, they love, they are naughty…

I’m talking about those people who are around you as a society rather than as a friend. Right from that cute little girl of your neighbors to your office staff? How each each of  them treats you?

Are they happy to meet you or they hide because you are coming? Does that define who we are as a society?

Or you don’t care about that ? You are you and it doesn’t matter how people treat you !!! Is it like that? If so, you belong to my world…

Although I said this, I do care about the ones I love. I always try to be there for them. What I don’t prefer is to live my life as per someone else’s expectations.

If I don’t like something, I don’t ever do that.It doesn’t matter what people will say as long as that thing doesn’t hurt my parents and my loved ones.

I always like to help others,I do that without even caring  about myself and thats what defines me. Either it be a help for a stranger to lift the weight on his head or it be an anger on a stranger because he/she violated the traffic signal. When I care, I care…When I don’t ..I don’t at all…It’s not my ego, its the boundary I keep between my relations. Everyone doesn’t get counted under the same level of relations…

I don’t like to praise myself, What I mean here is what defines us ? Is  the love you give to the people around you or the way you behave with them or the help you do thats defines you?

When you expect others to respect you, do you respect them? I don’t like when people violate the traffic rules but then I too don’t ever break those traffic rules !!!

People care about the small things you do for them. They do remember how you saved them during the meeting by recovering the presentation, they do remember how you were there for them when no one was, they do care about how you understand them and the little changes in their life. The depth in which you enter their life as a part, thats what matters…Isn’t that?

Learn to see the people and understand their feelings. because when you gain a habit of doing that, you understand the cries of beggars and the sadness of your sister and the care of your parents. You start understanding them…

I’m so deep with few of my relations that I can feel disturbance in my loved ones lives by the way they text me and the change in their messaging patterns. I can feel how they would have said the same text if they would be there in front…

I don’t like to do what what others want me to but on my side, I always try to give my best.

These things doesn’t happen because i want something in return from people but these things happen because I really care…Its from the heart.

It happens so many times that i’m doing some work and my students come to me saying sir, my laptop isn’t working the other comes saying,”Sir, can you help me with this and that” and the other one goes like ‘Sir sir, Have a look at what I coded last night’…I literally listen everyone and still do my work too and yet i don’t get bored because I like it.

For me, how you behave with the people and the compromises you do in your life for them, the intent at which you love them..thats what define you. It then doesn’t matter how do you look and how rich you are…








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