2 Seconds of her Life…



Within the period of 2 seconds, a girl besides me stepped ahead, a car came in, She yelled, the driver pulled the breaks and I pulled her back…I was like, “that’s why you should push your phone in your pocket at least while crossing the road…”.

Perhaps, She was so shocked by the incident that she forgot that she don’t know me,  yet hugged me saying ,”Oh My God !!!! You really saved my life.”

I don’t want you to note the help I did here but I want you to note that she called me ” GOD !!! “. She said it at the moment and she really meant it that way because those two seconds and my role in those 2 seconds of her life was to save her.

Well…I’m not God !

On rest of my way to my home, I thought of all the writings by ancient ‘Muni’s and ‘Maharishi’s. The way we see the God, the way all stories in different religions describe God..’Lord Shakar’ – One with snake on his neck, ‘Lord Ganesha’ – with a trunk of elephant, Some ‘Rishis’ even counted the number of Gods existing on earth and the galaxy, we have been watching and reading about the different powers they have and the way we believe it. Its the only thing on the earth that we believe from the heart although we don’t see it.

I don’t believe a single sentence in the paragraph above…No one has ever seen God and no one knows how God looks like and neither  of them exist.

The concept of ‘God’ exist because we , as a human and as one of the most developed brains on the earth, need someone to rule us, someone to limit our ego that we are the best on the planet and we rule this earth, someone to trust and to keep our hope alive…and one of the major reasons behind this concept ??? – To rule people to behave best in community and this whole Nature.

These ‘Rishis’ in the ancient times have very smartly written these things to rule the concept within humans and have over described it in different forms by showing different forms of God and with different Powers they have…

Do you think, at the times Gods would have time to fight with devils and  show their powers as described in ‘Ramayana’ or ‘Mahabharata’? No..Gods would have invested that time in using their powers to treat those Devils and make them good ..

I don’t at all mean that “I don’t believe God” but for me, God is more about being good with the people, showing the best of you, Helping people and as a human , return something to this mother earth and this Nature…

For me, donating money in temples isn’t as important as using the same money to bring a plate of food for a beggar along the road…They need it more than God.

I don’t need to exaggerate myself but the incident that I saved that girls life is what ‘God’ is for me and thats why my help mattered to her like a God.

You don’t need to have ‘Fasting’ with the name of different God for 2-3 times in a week..you can have fasting to rest your body for a while. God doesn’t need his devotee to hurt themselves by being hungry for a whole day or days…





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