Why do we point finger at others?



I personally don’t like to denounce someone else for something which I can’t do.

I don’t understand how could someone else be responsible for things that happen in your life?

Its your life, everything that happens in it is just because you lack somewhere or you are unable to achieve it !!!

Its equally true that yes, those things, other people and the situation around you can affect you and your performance to achieve your goal but you can’t point at them for the situations to fail…because you are equally responsible for that failure !!!

I don’t mean to criticize ourselves  but thats what is true and that’s what you should accept and yet thats okay that you fail in situations..Thats why we are Humans.

The problem is that you(we) aren’t ready to accept our failure. You had 100 other ways to be successful !!! Why didn’t you choose the next way if you failed in one ?  One should learn to accept that its not because of others, its because although that person or that situation made you to fail, you didn’t choose to go with other way…

Don’t denounce others for your failures. After all its your life and you have to deal with that ..not them.

So next time, If you get late for the meeting in office – the reason that ‘the taxi driver drove taxi slow’ isn’t fare reasoning…you could have got down and come by Bus !!! Isn’t that?




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