Why money can’t buy Happiness?



Everyday I hurry up to catch the city bus to go early for the work and every time I see the people hurrying for some reason, there’s one thing I see common…

People get up early, Kids go to school, farmers work so hard, People work…because there’s that hope of getting money involved in everything. Its money in case of humans because that’s the medium for buying everything…

Getting money involves buying food, having new dress for your kids and wife or may be buying a new Flat to live…roughly ‘The happiness ?’

I mean why do we do all the things we do in a day? Of course to get money, because you can buy anything with that !!!

Buying Happiness with money need not necessarily mean buying happiness !!! It might mean getting the things we want !!! That’s what keeps us happy !!!

I don’t understand why people say ‘Money can’t buy happiness’? Now, I’m not arguing with statement but I always think of this because I don’t understand the logic behind this !!!

You might be thinking of describing it with the sad moments of our life…I agree that you can’t hand money to the kid and it will stop crying ( it will buy happiness for that baby) but you can buy a chocolate for that kid with a penny !!! Isn’t that happiness?



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