Beautiful Night …



I love to be alone. Everyday after I come home,finishing all the chores of a day, late night I love to go on my terrace for a while, I love talking to my mom and dad over phone…

That little bit of darkness around me, the silence after everyone going to sleep or may be preparing for it, the only sound of a plane going over me..

I look at it and don’t know why, that scheduled flight of plane and my daily visit to it, kind of makes me feel best of me…I really enjoy the scene everyday.

I enjoy me own company there thinking of my childhood memories, good, bad both…

I thank god for every happiness he offered for me for a day and I love to look at those slowly moving clouds…

I always wonder why I love to have a look at that scheduled flight? May I love to see the plane because that reminds me about my childhood days or the distant call between me and my parents…

I still remember how me and my younger brother used to convenience my mom that we shouted at the plane going above us and the pilot looked at us, waving his hand…ha..ha..

We both were so mad..My mom even used to show as if we really convenience her.





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