Medicine for the feeling of ‘Hurting…’



I love every second of my life, I live it with peace and you won’t believe, I love to be alone.

There’s nothing that can hurt me. I don’t mean a physical pain, I am a human, its going to hurt if you inject an injection. I’m talking about the emotional hurt.

Don’t you think, some situation in-front of us hurt because we expect something in that context and somehow we don’t get it or it doesn’t work as per our expectation?

“Situations, people hurt because we EXPECT“. Just leave that habit of expecting and nothing will hurt.

Its the human nature that we expect but try this experiment for a week and it will become your habit. Learn to tell yourself that “It’s fine !!!”.

Don’t expect your brother to bring a glass of water for you, don’t expect someone to tell the secrets in their life to you, don’t expect your friend to be there for you all the time, don’t expect the situations to work as per your convenience !!!

Let every situation work the way it want to be. What do you think will happen if you won’t expect anything from anyone ?

Yah, of course you have your loved ones and you can expect from them but develop a habit to accept if those things doesn’t happen the way you want..Why? because you do accept that they are the loved ones !!!

Try this for a week and you will notice that may be the things happening in your life aren’t the best things in the world but those things, those people, those same situations now make you feel Happy.

Accept that situations change…Everything can’t happen as per your convenience and its fine. Thats why we call it life !!!





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