Game of God ?

Sometimes I just think of this world and the living creatures in it including us as something like a game being played by God…

I just imagine it to be some Gods son playing with us in the heaven with this world, the cars , the trees, all different animals, the water and every individual thing as his/her set of game…Same as we play  “Clash of Clans” on our phones?

Managing people, nature and everything around…a game in which people drive those tiny little cars, build buildings for themselves…

A game in which Gods son has to manage the people ( not really the people but enjoy watching their behaviors) , the nature , the rain, sun …

And what would be the sun like in the game? it could just be imagined to be a bright table lamp besides the Gods son ?  He/she may be pointing it at different parts of the game at different times. Thats what will be making day and night ..



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