Are we real ?



Have you ever gone into this 2-3 seconds state where somethings happens and we try to roll back into past and think ,”The exact same situation has happened someday in my past?”…May be “You are walking on the road and the person behind you asks you time, you respond him”….the environment there, the baby playing around you there, the people, seems to be seen somewhere before…

This happens to me sometimes and I think ,”Are we really here? Do we really exist?”. I know this sounds stupid, we physically can see, touch each other but what about mind?

What if all the life we are going through is a dream? What if here on the earth I die at this very moment and suddenly found that i got up from my dream ?

Just have a look at yourselves for a minute, concentrate, forget the life around you, have a look at your body…Do you think, “Who am I ” is just an illusion ???

You can not look into someone else’s soul but you can ask yours…This body we have, just seems to be like a skeleton labelled with your name…

From the day one of your birth relatives, people, community, your parents call you by name and that strengthens this feeling of ‘me’ ?

I am a science student and I know science have shown everything but I think serious on this and the soul really starts conflicting with my body…

Who knows what happens after death ? or is this a wrong question? or it should be “What happens after this skeleton stops working?”…

Just this virtual feeling would be vanishing..nothing else. This virtual feeling of ‘me’ in this body is individual for everyone, may be that’s why we aren’t yet be able to locate the soul ????

the question remains…”Do we really exist?” or its just a body. may be you die and get from some other dream ???

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